MSc-Medical Administration

MSc – Medical Administration (MAD) 醫藥管理碩士課程

Admission & Application :

  • 2017/10/25 to 2018/02/28  
  • Admission is open to applicants who have at least a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in related fields from an accredited institution
  • Details refer to UM graduate school > online application:

English Requirement:

  • Obtain a TOEFL score* of 550 (paper-based examination) / 80 (internet-based examination) or,
  • Obtain an IELTS overall score* of 6.0 with no sub-score lower than 5.5 or,
  • Obtain a CET-6 score of 430 or above or,
  • Pass the TEM-4 or TEM-8 examination

Study Plan


In the 1st Academic Year, Students should complete 4 Compulsory Courses and any 4 Elective Courses from the Elective Courses List. In the 2nd Academic Year, Students are eligible to choose the study path between “Applied Track” or “Academic Track”, and are required to complete a Thesis before graduation. Students should take 1 more Elective Course if they choose the “Applied Track” study plan

科目Course 類型Type 每週上課時數Weekly Lectures Hours 學分Credits
第一學年  Year 1
醫藥國際商務與法學International Business and Law for Medicine C 3 3
社會醫學Social Medicine C 3 3
醫藥科技管理Medical Technology Management C 3 3
醫藥管理研究導論Introduction to Research in Medical Administration C 3 3
任意選擇以下四門選修課  Choose four from the following courses
生物醫藥信息學Biomedical Informatics E 3 3
研究方法學Research Methodology E 3 3
生物統計Bio-Statistics E 3 3
中藥標準化與質量管理Standardization and Quality Management of Chinese Medicine E 3 3
計算藥學Computational Pharmacy E 3 3
藥劑學Pharmaceutical Science E 3 3
藥物靶標與篩選Targets and Models for Drug Screen E 3 3
系統生物學Systems Biology E 3 3
Total 24
第二學年  Year 2
應用研究導向Applied Track
應用論文Applied Thesis C 3
在中華醫藥研究院其他碩士課程中選修一門科目1 course from ICMS’s Master Programmes E 3 3
學術研究導向Academic Track
學術論文Academic Thesis C 6
Credits 6
  總學分 Total Credits: 30   

C: Compulsory Course; E: Elective Course

Course Description (Chinese) (PDF) (2016-2017)

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