2017 Chinese Medicine Forum

The 2017 Chinese Medicine Forum was held at the University of Macau (UM) on 14 October. The theme of this year’s forum was ‘innovation-driven development’. Well-known experts, scholars, and industry practitioners attended the forum to discuss collaboration in innovation of Chinese medicines. This year marked the 15th anniversary of UM’s Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS), more than 100 UM alumni working in the Chinese medicine industry also attended the forum.

Tse Chi Wai, president of the International Society for Chinese Medicine (ISCM); Lionel Ni, acting rector of UM; and Zhong Yi, vice president of Macao Foundation said in their speeches that both the central and SAR governments have high hopes for the innovation of Chinese medicines, and the Macao Foundation and UM will continue to provide support for research in the area. They expressed hope that participants would increase collaboration with UM scholars in the innovation of Chinese medicines.

Wang Yitao, director of the ICMS, gave a keynote speech, in which he reported the research achievements of the Chinese medicine team at UM, as well as the team’s effort to support the SAR government’s policy to give priority to the Chinese medicine industry.

Other experts who gave keynote speeches at the forum included Prof Li Yingbo from Peking University, Prof Yang Fengqing from Chongqing University, research fellow Li Xiwen from the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, senior engineer Qin Ningyi from Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co. Ltd, R&D Manager Yu Zhong from Huapont Pharm, and assistant professor Wang Chunming from UM.

After the forum, participants visited the state key laboratory in Chinese medicine and highly praised the research progress of the lab. The forum was organised by the ISCM, co-hosted by UM’s ICMS and state key lab in Chinese medicine, and sponsored by the Macao Foundation, and the Science and Technology Development Fund.